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Freediving MoalboalAs of July 2015 Savedra will be offering Pure Apnea Freediving courses In MoalBoal, Cebu.

Making that happen is freediving international athlete and Instructor Trainer Tomaž Jereb. Tomaž grew up diving in Adriatic sea, gaining diving experience by cave diving, freediving and later on as professional commercial diver. Tomas is accredited as a diving instructor with PURE APNEA, CMAS, PADI and offshore commercial diving agencies.

Freediving (Apnea) is becoming an increasingly popular diving activity which provides us with efficient physical and mental growth in the purest form of underwater exploration. To ensure the highest level of education we’re offering wide range of courses from the agency Pure Apnea, which are approved by CMAS, ISO and EUF standards and lead by an experienced instructor trainer.

Freediving PhilippinesTomas speaking about his passion for Freediving

Your movements are calm, your thoughts embrace you like the one true space. You cannot, and in fact, do not think about anything else except this tiny action here. The whole world is condensed into a carefully-moving contact with water. You do not know, but your friend on the surface is aware how moments change into long minutes. For you, time becomes a kind of eternal now which goes on and on, neither quick nor slow but simply, very condensed”.


Tomas will be offering Pure Apnea level I, 2 and 3 and Instructor level training programs in Panagsama with Savedra from July 16th, courses are priced as follows:

Freediving PhilippinesLevel 1 Freediver 11,500 PHP This is a 2-day foundation course that covers the basics of freediving. It includes: breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, freediving techniques and safety.

Level 2 Advanced Freediver 16,000 PHP This is 3-4 day core freediving course designed to equip freedivers with the knowledge and skills to become proficient advanced freedivers. Students will learn to become energy efficient; to prepare their bodies for pressure; to train on land and in the water; to perform advanced equalization techniques; to organize and run training sessions; and to do it all safely!

Level 3 Master Freediver 21,000 PHP The Master Freediver course is essential for those who want to freedive deep, who want to freedive competitively or who would like to continue progressing towards Instructor levels. In this course the emphasis is placed on freediving beyond failure depth, equalizing using the Mouthfill technique, stretching and training techniques that will prepare your body for depth and pressure, learning the physics of deep freediving and deep freediving safety.

Freediving Instructor This course is aimed at Master Freedivers who would like to become freediving professionals and teach others how to freedive. On successfully completing the course, instructors are certified to teach the Level 1 Freediver and Level 2 Advanced Freediver courses.

Master Instructor The Master Instructor qualification allows Instructors to teach the Level 3 Master Freediver course. This is the most challenging qualification amongst all the freediving education systems and organizations as it requires candidates to teach and perform deep freediving skills. This includes a mandatory 60m qualifying freedive!

Equipment is included in the course prices so you need to bring just a towel and swimsuit. However if you would like to use your own gear you’re welcome to bring it over

If you would like to discuss your training options with Tomas you can reach him at, for more general information such as accommodation, transport or scuba diving contact

If you are already in the area, or plan to visit Moalboal, please feel free to come by  and meet us in person. Look out for our next post where we will roll out our new day trips for freedivers, visiting some of the best dive spots in the region.

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