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Rates for Technical Dive Courses

Subject to change without prior notice. Prices in Philippines Pesos (PHP).

PADI Tec Courses   Price in Peso (PHP)
Enriched Air EANx 10.200,00
Deep Diver 10.200,00
PADI Cavern Diver 15,000,00
Tec Gas Blender 10.200,00
Tec 40* 22.000,00
Tec 45* 22.000,00
Tec 50* 22.000,00
Tec 65 (excluding Helium) 31.000,00
Tec Trimix (excluding Helium) 42.500,00
Technical Rescue 25,000,00
Technical Wreck*** 25,000,00
TDI Intro to Cave 25,000,00
Tec Sidemount Instructor** 22,500,00
PADI Tec Instructor** 31,000,00
PADI Tec Deep (TecRec) Instructor** 43.000,00
PADI Tec Trimix Instructor* (excluding Helium)** 55.000,00

*The materials for PADI Tec 40, 45 and 50 come on a single CD, we keep these separate as we encourage students to purchase them ahead of time, they are more detailed than materials from your previous courses. We can supply you with a digital copy prior to your arrival and give you the actual CD when you get here, the cost is 3500 PHP.

**Instructor courses do not include Instructor Manuals or PADI registration fees, currently Instructor manuals are 3500 PHP, we encourage you to purchase these before your courses and become familar with them. For the latest PADI fees check the pricelist on the landing page of PADI pro site or contact us.

*** Technical Wreck Courses are not available in Moalboal as we have no suitably sized wrecks, we teach this course in Mactan (Lapu Lapu). There will be some expenses for the instructors transport and accommodation which is covered by the student(s), we keep these to a minimum, please contact us for a quotation.


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