The Research and Monitoring Team of Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCE) conducted a ref survey at Sunken Island (Badian, Barangay Lombok).

Sunken Island is a marine reserve by municipality of Badian. Only hook and line fishing is allowed. CCE’s dive team consisted of 5 divers plus one of our dive instructors, who was in charge of dive safety and acted as dive guide.

The team conducted 2 dives to 90f / 30m and surveyed fish abundance, diversity and biomass. Aileen Maypa, the Research Coordinator, was impressed by the beauty of the dive spot. Here are the Preliminary Findings: Dominant numerically fish are fusiliers (6 species). Northern and southern side is high density of fusiliers, about 5000 on each side. Coral dominant forms are foliose and encrusting corals.

All in all a fantastic dive spot.
Pictures will follow soon.