Meet our Trainee Support Group – Mark, Fatima and Jonel.  The Trainee Support Group, in short TSG, holds regular informal meetings and workshops on all topics related to scuba diving and the special working environment of a major dive center. This Blog Post is a project of the Trainee Support Group.

Our Kind of Staff Outing

The “BER” months, it’s the start of another busy season for us here in the dive center. Courses here, diving there, filling the tanks and more. Another tiring yet fun and memorable days for us. Before it gets totally busy, a big news came – STAFF OUTING! Yes! It’s been a year since the last staff outing that we had and it is sure that it’s going to be memorable as well this time around.

As we gather in Savedra Dive Center, big smiles and excited faces are seen. Everyone is really looking forward for this staff outing. A few moments after, we are finally riding the jeepneys that would take us to our destination – the famous KAWASAN FALLS. Sure, it take us some time and make us breathless as we walk towards the falls but all of these are well compensated as the falls welcome us with cold air and heavy flow of water. One by one, the guys and our boss start jumping in the water, not minding of how cold it is. They are inviting everyone to join them, showing us that same big smile yet with little quivers because of the cold water. Girls on the other hand, decide to ride the bamboo raft.

As they get nearer and nearer to the heavy flow of water, the louder their shouts are heard. It is not a shout of pain, but a shout of joy and of being thrilled. The heavy water is painful as it lands to the back and buttocks yet very refreshing. Soon after, some of the brave girls and boys decide to go to the second and third falls and jump from the cliffs. As they jump one by one from the cliff, we hold our breaths as we pray that they will land safely. It is clearly shown in our faces that we are relieve as we see them popping their heads from the water and showing us their triumphant smiles. As we continue having fun in our activities, the boys find a new activity to do and that is to swing with a rope and jump. As they move forward and backward while clinging on the rope, they do some tricky position then release their hands and fall in the water. It is super funny when some of the guys attempt to look like Tarzan and then shout as they fall.



As we start to starve, everyone is united and gathered for lunch. Displayed on the table is our mouth watering dishes such as grilled pork, grilled chicken, grilled fish, vegetable salad, pancit and hanging rice while our well cut desserts are pineapple, watermelon and banana. Some resume their activities, but some opt to just stay in the cottages, talk, drink beers and take photos and videos.

As the sun start to set, we start packing our stuffs and walk back to where the jeepneys are waiting for us. It is time for us to say farewell to the beautiful Kawasan Falls.

My colleagues said that one day is not enough for  the staff outing, indeed not. There is so much to do and so much fun when everyone is gathered and enjoying the moment. So much that it makes us forget that it is time for us to go home, rest and prepare for tomorrow’s duty.

We can still imagine how happy and excited everyone is from the moment we are gathered in the meeting place until we go home. One thing that we prove in this staff outing is the fact that we are all well connected no matter what branch we are from or how different we are from one another. No one is neglected or left behind. Everyone is truly happy as it is shown in our big smiles and happy faces. We are indeed one big happy family.