PADI Advanced Dive Courses

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Take your diving skills to the next level. PADI Advanced Open Water Courses, Rescue Diver Courses, Nitrox Courses or a selection of specialty courses like the Deep Diver and Sidemount Diver. With PADI Advanced Dive Courses you gain experience and expertise while honing your skills with the safety of an instructor on your side.

PADI Advanced Dive Courses Overview

PADI Adventure Diver

This popular course can be completed in one day if desired, this consists of three training dives and is intended to broaden your diving experience in areas that interest you. Choose from any three available adventure dives such as Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diver, Deep Diver and more. Ask us about available adventure dives.

PADI Advanced Open Water

Start with the Adventure diver and continue here or jump directly from open water diver to Advanced. Where the Adventure Diver has three training dives, the advanced has 5. Two are chosen for you, Deep and Navigation, the other three are chosen by you based on your interests. Try sidemount, photography, night or search and recovery. The Advanced course is typically conducted over 2 days.

PADI Rescue and EFR

The Emergency First Response (EFR) provides the base CPR and First Aid skills required, if you have this already you may be able to go directly to the Rescue Course, ask us for info. The Rescue diver course is by far the most fun you will have in the water. It addresses serious topics and looks at adapting rescue skills, in water and land based, to be suitable for you. The rescue program is normally a stepping stone for would be Divemasters or Master Scuba Divers. The EFR course is a 1-day program, the Rescue a 3-day program.

PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox)

No one likes a dive to end, so stay under for as long as possible, Enriched air, or nitrox to many, increases the allowable time we spend underwater by replacing some of the nitrogen with oxygen. This gas, which is as safe as air, requires a bit of extra knowledge and some special procedures which we will teach you in this one-day program.

PADI Deep Diver

The deep calls us all, but as we know increased depth requires additional training and procedures in order to maintain diving’s safe track record. This program extends your depth limit to the maximum allowed for recreational divers to 40 meters. Want to go further? Check out our Tec Courses. This course typically runs over 2 days.

PADI Cavern Diver

Diving in overhead environments takes us into some very cool places that most divers will never see. However, there are some unique hazards present here that require some extra equipment, some careful planning and the ability to manage emergencies underwater as our ascent to the surface requires us to first exit the cavern. This course is conducted over a minimum of two days.

PADI Wreck Diver

Like Cavern diving this course takes us into an overhead environment within the natural light zone. During this course we get to dive on the San Juan wreck, a fantastic passenger ferry wreck that is relatively intact and has a lot to see. The course takes place in Mactan and is conducted over 2 days.

PADI Night Diver

Night diving is just awesome, there’s no other way to put it. Dive a site during the day and again at night and see two completely different worlds with different marine life. When the lights go out the need for additional training and knowledge appears, this course is typically conducted over two nights.

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

This is the ideal refresher program for those that have been out of diving for a while, or have invested in some new gear. We will take you out of the starfish riding a bike diving position, and help you transition into a streamlined, gas efficient, trim-master. You’ll look better, dive longer, move around easier and reduce your impact on the environment. The course takes place over two days.

PADI Underwater Photographer

Photography courses should be taught by an expert, more than just an expert in how to use a camera, frame a shot and adjust your images. Moreover, there should be some expertise on the subjects of the photos.

Tec Gas Blender

This is a smart move for any dive professional seeking to increase their value as a team member. You’ll not only learn how to blend mixed gases, but we’ll show you how to recognize O2 compatible materials, clean them for use with O2 and maintain that. This is an essential add on course for any serious Tec Diver. The course can cover Enriched air and Trimix, or just Enriched air. Helium cost is charged separately, why not combine it with your Trimix training, conducted over 1.5 days.

PADI Search and Recovery

This is a great course for treasure hunters and those who would like to develop line and search skills alike. This course is also great build up for Rescue and Divemaster candidates. Typically conducted over 2 days.

PADI Sidemount Diver

This style of diving has its roots in cave and wreck diving, allowing divers more body movement and a reduced, more streamlined, profile. It has in recent years found its way into open water diving for a variety of reasons, redundant breathing systems, additional gas, more freedom to move, less stress on the lower back, the list goes on. This course is also referred to as recreational or level 1 sidemount. Typically conducted over 2 days.

PADI Master Scuba Diver

The master scuba diver certification is not so much of a course but a recognition of a very high level of competency. Combine the Rescue Diver course with any five diving specialties to qualify, it makes for a very cool dive card. Cost and duration depends on what specialties you choose, talk to us about your goals.

Master Seal Team – for the kids

We mentioned something about this being addictive, you were warned. This specialty program for kids is a task based training program. Emphasis is on fun, love for the water and developing diver skills. This will have them foaming at the mouth for their 10th birthday when they can progress onto Junior Open Water. Typically conducted over two days.


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