Scuba Diving Rates and Packages for Certified Divers

     Subject to change without prior notice. Prices in Philippines Pesos (PHP)

Prices incl. weight, air, guide, excluding marine park fees

SCUBA DIVING for certified divers
Single Dives
shore dive1,400PHP
boat dive1,600PHP
night dive1,600PHP
Dive Packages
5 boat dive package- discounted7,600PHP
10 boat dive package- pay 9, dive 1014,400PHP
20 boat dive package- pay 17, dive 2027,200PHP
Nitrox Dive Packages, Mixes 22 to 40%
nitrox surcharge to individual dives250PHP
nitrox 5 dive package- discounted8,757PHP
nitrox 10 dive package - pay 9, dive 1016,650PHP
nitrox 20 dive package - pay 17, dive 2031,450PHP
Gear rental
complete set, per dive350PHP
dive computer, per day750PHP
flashlight, per dive250PHP
surcharge for 15L tank, per dive200PHP
Visayan Dive Safari (6 days)
Season Oct 2023 - Jun 2024
safari per diver65,000PHP
safari per snorkeler52,000PHP
Season Oct 2024 - Jun 2025
safari per diver69,000PHP
safari per snorkeler55,200PHP
safari equipment rental, per day750PHP
safari computer rental, per day500PHP
Single room supplement, per trip8500PHP
Apo & Sumilon Dive Safari (2 Days)
per diver20,000PHP
per snorkeler16,000PHP
safari equipment rental, per day750PHP
safari computer rental, per day500PHP

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Marine Park Fees for Scuba Divers

The Moalboal Provincial Government established Moalboal a Marine Park Entrance Fee System based on Tickets. Tickets are purchased for a fee of 100 Pesos (about 2.00$) per dive.

The local government will utilize these funds to finance a number of high priority conservation programs in the area, including patrols and enforcement to abolish destructive fishing practices such as blast and cyanide fishing, village improvement programs within the park, collection and disposal of plastic and other wastes entering the park’s waters, marine conservation education of village children and adults, and reef and mangrove rehabilitation.

Tickets can be purchased through marine tourism operators based in Moalboal, or at the dive center. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation with this entrance fee system. Conservation of Moalboal’s spectacular marine habitats requires funding, and your entrance fee is a valuable contribution to saving Moalboal’s reefs.