Wreck Diving in Cebu

Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving: There is nothing like the excitement of diving into a sunken ship. Wreck diving is truly one of the most exhilarating things a diver can do.

Unfortunately there is no major wreck here in Moalboal but we operate  a branch on Mactan Island, just 20 min. from Cebu’s international airport. Kontiki Divers is a heaven for advanced divers since it is home of the Marigondon Cave and the San Juan Wreck. If you are truly interested in wreck diving email us and we arrange a trip to the wreck in combination with a stay on Mactan Island and Moalboal.

The MV San Juan is a classic shipwreck, a large ferry that has sunk in relatively undamaged condition. It’s surrounded by abundant marine life and is truly an exciting, and due to the depths involved, challenging dive.

The wreck of the MV San Juan Ferry

The Philippines ferry M/V SAN JUAN FERRY (821 gross) had explosion in her engine-room and sank off Cebu Island, while undergoing sea trials following repairs Aug 14. All crew rescued. (Thurs. Aug. 17 2000)

MV San Juan Ferry

  • Built 1969 in Japan
  • L=63.0m
  • B=13.6m
  • D=3.5m
  • GT=821.19
  • NT=533.9
  • DWT=703.93.
  • Passengers = 400
  • Engines: Daihatsu