PADI Dive Courses Rates

Subject to change without prior notice. Prices in Philippines Pesos (PHP)

PADI Diver Courses  
PADI ReActivate Program (skills and knowledge)5,500PHP
Savedra Diver Review (skills only)3,000PHP
PADI Bubble Maker4,000PHP
PADI Discover Scuba Diving3,500PHP
PADI Scuba Diver11,600PHP
PADI Upgrade Scuba Diver to OW Diver10,000PHP
PADI Open Water Diver18,000PHP
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver14,800PHP
PADI Rescue Diver19,600PHP
Emergency First Response (EFR)6,800PHP
PADI Deep Diver12,000PHP
PADI Nitrox Diver9,000PHP
PADI Cavern Diver20,000PHP
PADI Wreck Diver (only at Mactan)22,000PHP
PADI Search & Recovery Diver12,000PHP
PADI Night Diver11,000PHP
PADI Digital underwater imaging10,000PHP
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy10,000PHP
PADI Self Reliant Diver15,000PHP
PADI Sidemount Diver15,000PHP
PADI Tec Rec Courses  
Tec Gas Blender15,000PHP
Tec 4022,000PHP
Tec 4522,000PHP
Tec 5022,000PHP
Tec 40, 45 and 50 combo61,000PHP
Materials for PADI Tec 40, 45 and 503,500PHP
Tec Trimx 6531,000PHP
Tec Trimix42,500PHP
Technical Rescue25,000PHP
Technical Wreck25,000PHP
PADI Professional Courses  
PADI Divemaster Course50,000PHP
PADI Assistant Instructor Course31,500PHP
PADI Basic IDC package96,000PHP
PADI Specialty Instructor IDC package99,000PHP
PADI Basic MSDT IDC package110,000PHP
PADI IDC Staff Instructor25,000PHP
PADI Tec Sidemount Instructor22,500PHP
PADI Tec Instructor31,000PHP
PADI Tec Deep (TecRec) Instructor43,000PHP
PADI Tec Trimix Instructor55,000PHP
TDI Technical Diving Courses  
TDI Intro to Tec20,000PHP
TDI Nitrox12,000PHP
TDI Advanced Nitrox25,000PHP
TDI Decompression Procedures25,000PHP
AN & DP combo45,000PHP
TDI Extended range30,000PHP
AN, DP & ER combo72,000PHP
TDI Trimix35,000PHP
TDI Advanced Trimix45,000PHP
TDI Gas Blender10,000PHP
TDI Advanced Gas Blender10,000PHP
TDI Sidemount20,000PHP
TDI Cavern20,000PHP
TDI Intro to cave25,000PHP
TDI Full cave40,000PHP
TDI Advanced wreck diver35,000PHP
Discover CCRContact usPHP
TDI CCR Air diluentContact usPHP
TDI CCR HelitroxContact usPHP
TDI CCR mixed gasContact usPHP
TDI advanced mixed gasContact usPHP
TDI professional courses  
TDI Nitrox instructor20,000PHP
TDI Intro to tech instructor20,000PHP
TDI Adv Nitrox Instructor20,000PHP
TDI Deco procedures instructor20,000PHP
TDI Ext range instructor40,000PHP
TDI Trimix instructor40,000PHP
TDI Adv Trimix instructor45,000PHP
TDI Cavern instructor50,000PHP
TDI Intro to cave instructor50,000PHP
TDI Adv wreck instructor30,000PHP

All of our regular courses include PADI or TDI e-learning where it is available, for courses that are not served by e-learning we will provide you with a paperback manual on arrival in Moalboal, if you prefer to obtain your own materials please contact us for a price adjustment.

PADI Instructor courses do not include Instructor Manuals or PADI registration fees, currently, for the latest PADI fees and materials you can ask us, or if you prefer, check the pricelist on the landing page of PADI pro site.

Technical Wreck Courses are not available in Moalboal as we have no suitably sized wrecks, we teach this course in Mactan (Lapu Lapu), or on scheduled excursions to Subic Bay. There will be some expenses for the instructor’s transport and accommodation which is covered by the student(s), we keep these to a minimum, please contact us for a quotation.