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Dive Equipment for Scuba Divers

We have a complete selection of quality dive equipment to purchase.

Suunto D4 Dive Computer
SUUNTO Dive Computers

Many of us chose to dive with SUUNTO Dive Computers because for us they are a perfect combination of functionality and style. Several models of Suunto Dive Computers are available here in Savedra and at our branch Cebu Fun Divers down the beach.

We feel that every diver should have his own dive computer for these reasons

  • It makes your dive safer by constantly telling you your No-Decompression-Limit (NDL). Also by giving you an alarm if you ascend to fast.
  • It makes you a more confident diver. It takes out guess work and you get reliable feedback during your dive.
  • It gives you more time. By constantly recalculating your NDL it just gives you more bottom time to enjoy the marine life.
  • Flying after diving: No more guess work. The computer tells you to the hour how long you should wait until you board a plane.

Other scuba diving gear we usually have on stock

  • Tropical wetsuits 3mm neoprene – shorty and fullsuit: size S to XL, for men and women.
  • Hooded vests and neoprene underwear
  • Boots hi-cut and low-cut; size 6 – 12
  • Mask and snorkel in sets and individual
  • Fins
  • Flash lights, torches and light sticks
  • BCDs, new and second hand
  • Regulators, new and second hand
  • Other dive accessories