Zero to Hero PADI Dive Course Packages

Beginner to PADI Divemaster training packages

Zero to Hero
The term is often used to describe intensive training packages that take complete beginners and train them to divemaster or instructor. We are not a big fan of it, often centers advertising these packages tend to rush training and provide the course content without the necessary amount of diving experience and application between each level.

Our approach is to package training modules (such as the open water course, advanced open water course and others) along with access to non-training dives, and assisting our staff in daily diving activities, providing opportunity for hands on experience and real life application. We believe this is where the learning process is cemented in place.

The term is often misused in the diving industry; most who advertise internships are not offering free training, but instead are selling the courses. There are some who offer training in exchange for work, in our experience this rarely satisfies either parties involved, and the quality of training is impaired due to the work commitments. The work you would be asked to do is typically far from glamorous, you cannot work as a divemaster until qualified, you cannot be qualified until you have done enough work.

How we work
What we offer are professionally run courses, combined with the right amount of diving experience and diver interaction. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts on the road to becoming a professional diver. Keep a distance from anyone who tells you otherwise, they are either misleading you, or worse, do not know what it means to be a good dive professional themselves.

Who you will train with
In charge of our Zero to Hero packages are our PADI Master Instructors. They will do most of your training personally. This means you will be thoroughly prepared for the next step if you want to, the PADI IDC.

On our full time staff, we have Course Directors, Instructor Trainers and Master Instructors, rarely do you find so much knowledge and experience under one roof, during your training you will have a chance to work with them all.

What it costs
No confusing or misleading deals here, it’s very simple, if you book any other courses with your Divemaster course we will discount those programs by 10% from our advertised rates.

If you need accommodation just let us know when you come and we look for a room or house with a monthly rental for you.

Here is a small sample of available courses at their discounted rates, a larger selection is available on the PADI Courses section of this website.

Course Duration Cost Discounted cost
Open Water4 days21,900 PHP19,710 PHP
Advanced Open Water2 days17,900 PHP16,110 PHP
EFR (CPR/1st AID)1 day7,800 PHP7,020 PHP
Rescue Diver3 days22,900 PHP20,610 PHP

In the core courses listed above all materials, equipment and certifications are included, nothing else to pay.

Keep in mind some courses are mandatory, some are optional, to get to Divemaster you will need, as a minimum, to be certified Open Water, Advanced Open Water, EFR and Rescue, and have logged 40 or more dives. If you would like to know more about other recommended courses (such as enriched air, or gas blender) ask us how they can benefit you.

The Divemaster course is 59,000 PHP, the materials are 10,000 PHP, the registration fee with PADI is currently $245 AUD, equipment rental is 1500 PHP per week if needed. We keep these costs separate as you may bring your own materials if you wish, this is a good way to get a head start on your studies before you arrive here, the registration fee is paid directly to PADI.

Gain experience
Once your Divemaster training is complete, you may wish to stick around and gain some more experience. To facilitate this we offer our Divemaster trainees weekly experience packages with unlimited access to scheduled dive trips (subject to available space), for 7500 PHP per week.

Increase your number of diving hours, put your newly learned skills to use, and get something that will stand out on your resume and job applications.

What now
After reading this far you should have some idea of what you would like to include in your training, email us and tell us how long you have to train with us, when you will arrive, what courses you would like to take, we’ll come back to you with a suggested package and cost. If you have any diving experience, please tell us about that as well.