Every year some lucky visitors get to see the pilot whales migrating through the Tañon Strait close to Moalboal, they are also seen off the coast of Mactan, Bohol and Palawan.

from Wikipedia Pilot whales are primarily squid eaters, but will feed on fish, as well. They are also highly social, and studies suggest that both males and females remain in their mothers’ pods, an unusual trait among mammals, also found in certain killer whale communities. “

Whales Philippines

Sightings of these magnificent animals comes in addition to the daily dolphin action that can be seen just a few minutes from shore, and the Blue Whale sightings that caused a stir last May, also in the Tañon Strait Between Moalboal and Negros.

Have a look at some video caught by our divers just a few days ago, at the time they were on their way home from a dive in Ronda Bay.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1To00-XYlbQ[/embedyt]

We hope these whale sightings continue, if you would like a chance to see them yourself ask us about our daily whale and dolphin watching tours from Savedra Dive Center.

Whales Philippines