PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) November 2017

The November IDC at Savedra, a 5 star PADI Career Development Center, came to a successful end, we’d like to congratulate all candidates for their achievement, and thank them for their efforts.

With the November IDC in the bag we start to look forward now to the EFR Instructor, Assistant Instructor, PADI Crossover and Instructor Development Courses all coming up in February at Savedra Dive Center in Moalboal, Cebu. If you would like to join us get in touch with the IDC Team here.

Also apologies in advance for the blurry pictures, some idiot (that’d be me) left the wrong setting on the camera and they turned out “less than perfect”.

Savedra Dive Center

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Also due some congratulation is our own Shao-Hua Chen, or Awha as you may know her.

Awha handles all of our Chinese bookings and enquiries, she joined us some time ago as a Divemaster Intern, and has now made it all the way to staff instructor.

With Awhas help we will be making IDC’s in Chinese available in the very near future. She is currently very busy providing her students with some great dive training, and helping our Chinese speaking visitors feel at home.

John Rey Pingkian

John Rey Pingkian

Always good to see some home grown talent, John Rey is a very experienced Cave Diver and Guide from Surigao, needless to say JR was excellent in the water, and pulled top marks for the open water, and confined water segments.

If you are looking for some quality diver training in Surigao, or better still are in need of someone to safely guide you through some pretty awesome cave dives there, give JR a call.

Sebastian Liljedal

Sebastian comes to us from Sweden, and is the second generation of Liljedals we have had the pleasure of training here at Savedra, his parents Togga and Monica both did their IDC with us several years back.

As the family already owns a house here we expect to see a lot of them around town, Sebastian is not a difficult chap to spot, he is a head and shoulders above most of us. If you are looking for a fun, well conducted program in English, or Swedish, look him up.

Sebastian Liljedal
Michael Porter

Michael Porter

Michael is a returning guest of Savedra, having previously decided to do his instructor training with us during one of our Dive Safaris, we’re glad he did, he brought a lot of valuable experience to the team.

Michael’s motivation for the IDC is to lend a hand to his dive club back in the US, who spend a lot of time diving old nuclear missile silo sites, if you bump into him, be sure to check out some of the videos, we’re sure one of those sites will end up on your diver bucket list.

Maribeth (Beth) Balane

Beth is one of our own crew, she started with us as an Open Water Diver, and worked very hard to make it through to Divemaster, where she stayed for a while to become an excellent DM and Guide.

Beth has always impressed us, she is extremely passionate about what she does, and it really shows in her work. We’re very proud of her and what she has achieved, and are happy to have the opportunity to continue working with such a talented dive pro.

Maribeth Balane
Korren (Koz) Joseph

Korren (Koz) Joseph

Koz join us from sunny England, she will be a regular face around Moalboal having joined Cameron Forbrush the team at Cebu Dive Center, she is already team teaching some courses with the crew there, ready to be fighting fit for the peak season fast approaching.

Koz, pictured here with PADI examiner Brendon Sing, is a Judo champion, so if you are lucky to find yourself on a course with her, be smart, do as you’re told!

David Champion

Champo joins us from Darwin in Australia, if you have tried to dive there before you might have heard about the 7 meter tides, insane currents and 6 meter long saltwater crocodiles. With that experience under his belt it’s no wonder Champo turned out to be such a good diver, we’re not sure how many of his mates didn’t survive though!

David will be with us at Savedra until late December, he’ll be team teaching with our IDC staff instructors, gaining some valuable experience, and completing his Gas Blender Instructor Course. If you are in the neighborhood, and are interested in a diving with dinosaurs specialty, give him a shout.

David Champion

Upcoming PADI IDC and other Instructor courses

Savedra is a PADI Career Development Center, we conduct a minimum of four Instructor Development Courses (IDCs) per year, alongside these programs we have a host of other professional development courses such as specialty training and MSDT prep courses, Technical Instructor Courses and other supporting programs.

If you would like to discuss your training goals, and develop a program tailored for you, get in touch with myself (Lee Butler, PADI CD488788) here.