Dive Safaris and Liveaboards

Savedra, in partnership with Easy Diving in Sipalay, offer Liveaboard and Dive Safari trips between Moalboal and Sipalay weekly from October to May each year.

The trips take in the best dive sites the central Visayas have to offer, highlights include Balicasag, Cabilao, Siquijor, Liloan, Santander, Apo, Duain, Dumaguete, Sumilon and more. Any dive vacation to the Philippines will be a good one, but with these trips you get to see the best of everything in one 6 day 5 night action packed trip.

Why have Discounted Dive Safaris?

Occasionally we get cancellations, or places on trips are not sold. Rather than let these spots go to waste we offer them at a very special rate, and throw in some extra incentives.

Special offer dates

Currently we have four dates scheduled Trip #13 JANUARY 27, 2017,  Trip #14 FEBRUARY 4, 2017,  Trip #16 FEBRUARY 20, 2017,  Trip #17 FEBRUARY 28, 2017.

These are updated regularly, you can view updates on Facebook and on Savedra’s website, like the Facebook page and opt to receive updates to get news on newly list trips delivered to you.

What is on offer?

You get a 20% discount on the trip, plus we add two free dives from the start and end point, that is Moalboal and Sipalay. Do not worry, the price is lower but the level of service is exactly the same, you will have a great time.

What are my options for the Dive Safari?

First choose your accommodation type, as we stop each night in a different location you can either stay onboard, or we can bring you to shore and stay in a beautiful resort. Most of our customers opt for the resort accommodation, bunks onboard the boat are simple with no frills, akin to camping.

What does the Dive Safari or Liveaboard cost?

Regular rates for dive safaris are 51,000 PHP if you opt for resort accommodation, or 43,200 PHP if you stay onboard. With the discount this becomes 40,800 PHP with resort accommodation, or 34,560 PHP if you stay onboard.

If you need to rent equipment or a dive computer we can organise that for you, we can also assist with accommodation before and after the safari, airport transfers and anything else needed to get the trip underway, let us know how we can help.

I’m a new diver, can I join the trip?

Ideally you would be an advanced diver for this trip, some of the good stuff is a bit beyond the depth range of a beginner, and some of the dive sites have strong currents. You can join the trip, however do so with the understanding that one or two of the dives may not be accessible for you. An easy solution to this is arrive a few days before the trip departs and we can train you to advanced level. With our online learning options from PADI we can get you started with your training today!

Can non divers join the trip as well?

Absolutely, naturally the cost will be lower for them as they will not be using scuba tanks, let us know how many non divers wish to join and we’ll give you the rate.

Where can I find more information?

you can check out the safari page on Savedra’s website, or you can like and sign up for updates on the Last Minute Safari’s Facebook page, future special deals will be sent directly to you by updates.

How can I book my Liveaboard or Dive Safari?

Have a look here for a list of discounted trips, regular trips are listed here. Drop us a line with the trip number, let us know how many of you are joining the trip, your accommodation choice, and anything else you need assistance with, we’ll take care of the rest, contact us.