Recently we have received a number of enquiries regarding the situation in Moalboal and Cebu on the subject of safety for travellers.

When looked at objectively, we feel that the Philippines as a whole, is no more of a threat to visitors than locations in Europe or the US.

Clearly there are no go areas in the Philippines, they have been in place for decades, if these are respected visitors can travel safely around this amazing country.

Whilst concerns are perfectly understandable following the recent incidents, recent events have had no impact on Cebu.

Local and national governments have provided additional police, and in some cases military presence in public areas. This measures are intended to provide security and reassurance to residents and visitors, nothing more.

There is no current known threat to any areas of the Philippines outside of Mindanao, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we of course will post updates if there are any changes.